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Spinner Dolphins

Full Day Workshop
Chakradance and Yoga Nidra into the Void!

We are excited to share the opportunity for a Full One Day Workshop designed just for you to drop into                   The Deep and Profound Mystery Within You.

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Design of the Day's Flow

9:30am Arrive at 9:30am
10:00am Gather in a Community Circle 
10-11:30am Fun Playful Experiences to Connect, Dance and
                 Introduce ourselves and Build a Circle of Support
11:30 - 12:30 Lunch: Amazing High Vibration Poke Bowl
12:30-3:00pm "Embodied Alchemy" Chakradance experience with Kate
               ( See Description Below )
3:00-3:45 Yoga Nidra "Resting in the Void" with Debra 
3:45-4:00 Break
3:45-5:30pm Sharing and Closing Circle

Sunday March 26th 
Hari Om Yoga Center 
348 Boot Rd
Downingtown PA 19335

Exchange is $108.00
There is 1 - 50% off (+ lunch 10.00) scholarship left ... if you have the need please
contact Debra at

Payment and Lunch Selection
Made to Debra and Venmo Lunch Selection in Venmo subject Line
1) Beet and Macadamia Brown Rice Poke Bowl
2) Large Garden Salad with Hard Boiled Egg
3) choice of 2 California Rolls
   -Crunchy California -Avocado, cucumber and Quinoa Rice
   -Regular -Avocado Cucumber and White Rice
    -Avocado Roll with White Rice
    -Vegetable Roll with White Rice
4) Bento Box: Original Hummus, flatbread, Apple, Trail Mix, Cheddar Cheese Bar


A little more about Chakradance

Chakradance with Kate Stufflet
Kate has been the curator of this unique experience of Chakradance as seen through the lens of her creative inspirations!  

A little bit about what you can expect:
Chakradance (TM) is based in Jungian psychology and described as the dance practice for the soul. It is about reconnecting back to our true essence. In traditional shamanic cultures, it is believed that uncomfortable symptoms such as depression, anxiety, addictions, compulsive behaviors, diseases, relationship conflicts etc arise from a loss of connection to the soul.

"Embodied Alchemist" is a Chakradance designed in a way to balance this disconnect between our inner and outer worlds and listen to what our Truth is.
Think of it as a dynamic moving meditation to music or as the musical sister of yoga; (without the set-piece poses or asanas). There is no right or wrong way to move your body. It’s a journey of self-discovery.

Each chakra is explored through specific music, guided imagery and your own free, improvised dance, done with eyes closed or with blindfold. This begins to activate inner experiences. It’s almost like entering into a waking dream. You may see images in your mind’s eye while you are dancing or gain insights. You may also experience feelings, emotions or physical sensations.

Class will conclude with Two Powerful Anchoring Experiences:
Kate will lead and guide participants in creating a personal mandala artwork that flows from the Alchemy of their Dance Journey. 
Debra will lead a Yoga Nidra "Resting in the Void of Self" -where what is waiting for you to discover anew is YOURSELF...

A little more about Yoga Nidra    "rest in the void."

Yoga Nidra Group Meditation is a shared practice of the guided meditation process. The principles are to rest at ease while observing and welcoming sensations, breath, feelings, emotions, thoughts, and images that naturally arise.

In this setting with our Chakradance we will use this practice of awareness to drop in and allow the wisdom from our dance and our consciousness to awaken the unrealized parts of Self that are ready to come into our waking life!

Resting in the Void is natural place of peace and inspiration that when practiced can change the perspective of ones life!


Reach out to Debra with any questions!


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