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Loving Truth Commitment

Ongoing Support for Our Pilgrimage Promise

Our Divine Ceremonies brought the Energy of Consciousness to the Agreement our Souls Made upon This Incarnation. This program is being offered to provide support for the Deepening of that Promise.

This offering of Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation

6 Key Explorations 

Ensuring Your Success!

- Acceptance

- Surrender

-Truth: Revelation

- Loves Role

-Gaia's Role

-Clearing the Channel

Glass rosette

Your Guide Debra

I am here to offer support for your ongoing exploration of your

 Gifts of Service to the Divine Energy of Love and

Our Mother in Form...Mother Earth.

I am here to:

Help you to remember your Truth

Heal and Birth the New You

Inspire your Potential

Love Yourself Simply for your Essence

Help you learn to die.

Let us Come together with our Souls

Anchoring the Truth and Light into

Your Knowing

And Anchor that Truth and Light

into the Earth.



Access The Program

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Yoga Nidra Meditations

Access The Program

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