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Cave Explorer
The Answers Are Within


The Courageous Journey Back to Self


Two Private sessions with Debra

Ensuring Your Meditation Success!

5 Meditations:

1- Communion With Higher Self

2- Deep into Mother Earth

3- Welcoming the Light of Love

4- The Light of Your Inner Child

5-The Answer Within

Glass rosette

Your Trusted Servant, Debra

Journey with me 

on behalf of your

next greatest moment

of deep and lasting change!

The experience you will have with 

this At Home Practice

is unlike any other experience.

Together we create the 

inward path

that has all the signs 

leading Home to Self.

These 5 Sessions point the way

to the path of Embodiment

moving you from Simple Surviving

to Expansive Thriving.


If your ready,

So am I.



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Yoga Nidra Meditations

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Testimonial 2024
Although this
At Home Course is a new offering, I have had several one-on-one sessions of this

yoga Nidra exploration with Debra and my experiences have been wonderful.

Even a bit profound, in that each time the process uncovered something I hadn’t necessarily been looking for.


Examples…one time I deeply and joyfully recognized that it is OK (even good) for me to make mistakes. Another time I had a true understanding of my soul, not my body, being the true essence of me. I experienced lightness and delight! I highly recommend working with Debra in her new 

At Home program or in one-on-one sessions!

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