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Standing In The Unapologetic You

Testimonial From Che

My work with Debra has been expansive, and deepening in my healing journey and evolution. Working with her for 7 weeks in her “Standing In The Unapologetic you” program completely created the safety and openness within myself, and connection to her, to journey deeper into the sexual realm of her work : Divine Sexuality: The Narrow Gate of Love.

Divine Sexuality: The Narrow Gate of Love

What is Your YES!

Divine Sexuality: The Narrow Gate of Love

A Must Read:

My work with Debra began with “Standing In The Unapologetic you.” A program that completely created the safety and openness to Enter "Divine Sexuality: The Narrow Gate of Love."

Debra created the most safe environment for me to be seen and witnessed in the absolute vulnerability of being naked (physically and energetically), which has been one of my biggest blocks since I was a teenager.

She helped me shift my relationship to my yoni, ( my Vulva ) see myself through new lenses, and hear the whisper of  my yoni's voice which is potent wisdom.

Beyond growing a deeper connection to my yoni, Debra’s work blasted me open to the realms of sexual energy and created new reference points for me to feel safe and open in experiencing that energy with a sexual partner, alongside knowing and asking for what I need. I have met so many new versions of myself since working with Debra & she has so many more people to reach!

Thank you Debra!

Divine Sexuality: The Narrow Gate of Love

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Synchronize Your Original Essence

Heartfelt Words from Catherine to Debra after completing 10 sessions in the fall of 2022!

It is important to me that you know that I have courage because of my unwavering trust in you, and in your love and compassion for me. 

You are safety to me. Your vulnerability and honesty and integrity in the sharing of your own journey has granted me this safety, knowing you understand in a way that others may not. 

You are a light, and you are a lighthouse, and my boat has found you. 

Nearly two decades of grieving my boys,  a decade of grieving my husband, and five years of therapy, and here I am. I weep for all of this, and I weep in hope for, and belief in, the possibility of peace, wholeness, happiness. 

Synchronize Your Original Essence

 Testimonial from Matt Hogan 12/2022

I consider Debra a dear friend after working for 14 consecutive sessions in SYOE.

She is a woman that has supported me in many ways to surface the depths of my potential in a way that puts me in my body, versus lost in thinking about it and living in imagination land.

She has been instrumental to me releasing the fears, shame, and guilt that were holding me back from opening to my next level of pleasure, leadership, satisfaction, and meaningful relationships.

I cannot understate the depth of value her gifts offer. I'm confident that anyone connecting with Debra will surface a conversation that moves them from living in their head about the life they want to live, to their bodies where our lives are designed to create from.

Matt Hogan


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