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Sexual Freedom
* The Yoni Experience*

A Conscious Exploration of Our Sexuality is NECESSARY on a Spiritual Path

Welcome Beloved

Debra Hess 

Sacred Midwife

Birthing You through

The Narrow Gate of Love

It is my honor to walk with you on this path of

Sexual Freedom and Self Discovery!

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Session 1 (over Zoom)


Moving Beyond Resistance

 What awaits you is Sexual Freedom: Being Free from the burdens of ones past. 

Resistance comes in the form of Strong Shadows of Shame and Guilt.

In the presence of Love Your True Essence flows.

Realize and Experience your Longing to be FREE & OPEN with how YOU express Your Divine Sexuality!

Session 2 ( In Person )

Learning to Love Yourself

Required Material: The Art of Sexual Ecstasy Margo Anand Optional Techniques Taught and Experienced:

-Anatomy of Arousal and Your Yoni Speaks and Reveals

-Setting up Sacred Space (pg.139)

-Sexual Breathing and PC pump (pg. 179)

-Self Pleasure and the Forbidden Fruit (pg 200)

-Spreading the Fire (pg. 207)

Margo Anand

Session 3 ( In person )

Healing Your Genital Armoring

Reduce Body Armoring (pg. 318)

-Healing the Yoni (pg. 323)

-Love, Acceptance and Healing of past Trauma

-Open the Narrow Gate of Love, Emotionally, Physically and Spiritually! 

Session 4 ( In person )

Expanding Orgasm Potential

Techniques taught during this session:

-Expanding Orgasm (pg.310)

-History of Orgasm (pg. 303)

-Expanding Orgasmic Potential (pg. 308)

-Erotic Arousal, and Sexual Breathing (pg. 139)

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