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   Yoga Nidra and
Sound Healing

Yoga Nidra Group Meditation is a shared practice of the guided meditation process. The principles are to rest at ease while observing and welcoming sensations, breath, feelings, emotions, thoughts, images and memories that naturally arise. It may be used for relaxation, for working with an emotion or cognitive belief, meditative self inquiry and further into unified consciousness.

Sound Vibration is chosen for its ability to manage anxiety, soothe the nervous system, and shift your consciousness more dynamically to connect with your body and your Higher Consciousness. 


Debra uses a combination of Yoga Nidra accompanied by the bowls for a deeply supported dive into your Body Wisdom and Beyond.

Debra Hess BAMusic Therapy,

200hr ERYT YA Forrest Yoga Trained,

Laughter Yoga Certified,

iRest Yoga Nidra Level 2 Teacher

Level 1 and 2 Tantra Training with SkyDancing Tantra

Read below for Debra’s personal testimonial and healing with iRest. 

Yoga Nidra programs for Healing, by founder Richard Miller PhD

are a Proven-Effective approach to using Meditation and Relaxation techniques to overcome Trauma, Conditioning, and create access to Self-Realization.


Yoga Nidra Meditation is a form of self-inquiry that research shows effectively reduces PTSD, depression, anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, and chemical dependency; while increasing health, resiliency, and well-being.


Yoga Nidra Meditation gives guidelines for going beyond our self-limiting beliefs, and conditioning.


Yoga Nidra Meditation in its ultimate form, reveals the secret of enlightenment so that we may recognize our Essential Nature as unconditioned pure Awareness. 


Debra's Personal Journey with Yoga Nidra

I began my personal journey some 30 years ago to address the symptoms of Chronic Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).


As I opened my awareness to the symptoms of Depression and Anxiety, I started my 30 year study and inquiry into modern science and ancient yogic practices to give myself support that was researched based and practical for healing trauma.


I have been a student of Psychology, Yoga, Meditation, Massage, Reiki, Shamanism, Acupuncture, and a life of Spiritual Practices, and now SkyDancing Tantra.


Recently I found within Yoga Nidra what seems to have been a missing piece:

Freedom from the conditioning of her past,

immanent embodied experience of being human,

and the transcendent experience of my Essential Nature.

Currently I am beginning my 2 year study of

Sky Dancing Tantra with Margot Anand

Tantra is practices that observe our true nature..

It is the Ancient Vision of the Deep Eternity, programmed into every 

particle that creates our being..

Tantra enhances Connection and Intimacy which goes way

beyond, but does include sexuality.


I feel it is my call to share with you my natural enthusiasm, compassion, and grace and invite you to experience for yourself Yoga Nidra, and Tantra to begin your process toward feeling radiantly alive, capable of deep intimacy with yourself and in your interpersonal relationships, including your divine partners.


True Joy is the gift you will be giving yourself!

In service to you, Debra 

If you would rather work 1:1 with me read below for those details:

*Sacred Integrative 1:1 Co-Meditations*


Sacred Integrative Co-Meditation is a form of Yoga Nidra

where we meet 1:1 and welcome everything just as it is.


In Co-meditation we are learning to sit face to face with

ourselves and with another. We meet without agenda to

fix or change and

unconditionally welcome and mirror all that is arising.


This is for everyone who is interested in finding

true health, healing, and peace of mind.

The key to inner peace is not some locked away secret,

but easily accessible with these methods of practice. 



There is nothing like Debra's brand of iRest Yoga Nidra. What keeps me coming back time and again is the infusion of Debra's accomplished expertise delivered through her holistic approach.


You feel like a completely different and rejuvenated soul of blissful calm after every experience!

—  Mary

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