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     Meet Your Facilitators

Debra Hess, Sky Dancing Tantra Trainee

Ken Carlsen, Peaceful Warrior

Debra and Ken are here to help you reconnect with yourself in a positive, inspiring and safe environment. 

Debra Hess

Founder of Light Seekers Yoga has served her community in spiritual and personal growth since 2003. Debra's own journey is reflected in her offerings as she shares what has worked for her. She invites you to perhaps consider that there may be a way to gain another perspective with which you can view yourself and others.

Ken Carlsen

Ken has dedicated 27 years to Spiritual Studies and Personal Transformation.

In his current profession Ken brings a great deal of patience and skill to support others in problem solving, and resolution.

Ken's interest in Relationship Harmony began when he was just 36, seeking ways to make it more graceful and joyful!

"The Tantra vision is one of wholeness, of embracing everything, because every situation, whether pleasant or unpleasant, is an opportunity to become aware of who you are and how you can expand your capacities."    
~ Margot Anand Founder of Sky Dancing Tantra

Relatable Tantric Foundations

Breakthrough Relationship Skills that Create Harmony, Ease and Joy!

​This Workshop is for anyone Single or in Relationship, providing the opportunity NOW to gain insight to what you are currently doing and how easily you can adjust!  These skills translate to ALL our relationships!  The one of most importance being Ourselves.

We know that relationships can seem like a repetitive cycle of conflict, misunderstandings, and not being heard.  That the daily interactions can fill our minds and bodies with negative energy and stress. That’s why we created Tantra Foundations, so our community has a place to return to self-exploration, self-discovery, and finding solutions to problems that support the way forward to transformation, while sharing this journey with other like-minded individuals.

Next Offering Fall of 2022



Students Can Expect

Since we really feel best when we are connected, our Foundations Course focus is on building the  quality of your relationships!

Topics Covered through both Lecture and Experience

  • Power of Equality, Power of Love

  • Release Blame and Judgment / Flow Forgiveness

  • Feel Your Feelings, Your Body, Your Energy

  • Be Yourself  / Let Your Partner Be who they are

  • Pillars of Trust: Honesty, Strength, Vulnerability

  • Release Expectations and Assumptions

  • Dominant Shadow / Arousal Template and Love

  • Building Sexual Intimacy and Connection

  • Erotica vs Stability 

  • Cultivating and Sustaining Desire

Note on Sexuality content: Tantra Foundations    will only contain Lecture Material on how these skills translate to greater intimacy for our pleasure.

Tantra Dynamics Course that follows Foundations will contain teachings and experiential practices for those who choose our more in-depth sexuality offerings.

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