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 Unveiling Your Inner
Sexual Alchemy

Integrating Trauma Healing, Spirituality, and Nature 

Welcome Beloved

Debra Hess 

Sacred Midwife

Birthing You through

The Narrow Gate of Love

It is my honor to walk with you on this path of

Sexual Freedom and Self Discovery!

Head Shot 8/26/23

 In Person Workshop
Sunday Oct 1st

Unveiling Your Inner Sexual Alchemy: Integrating Trauma Healing, Spirituality, and Nature 

Welcome to Unveiling Your Inner Sexual Alchemy

This workshop is all about creating meaningful change in your lives concerning your understanding of your Sexuality and your path to Spiritual Wholeness.

Stage 1: Awakening Desire 

This workshop is Stage 1 in the 7 Stages of Alchemy, Titled: Awakening Desire.
Carl Jung saw parallels between the stages of alchemical transformation and the psychological journey of self-discovery, personal growth and spiritual insight.


Approaching sexuality from a conscious and mindful perspective can lead to:

  • A deeper understanding of ourselves.

  • Foster self-acceptance.

  • Aid in the healing process.

  • Provide insight into one's energetic and spiritual essence.

  • Letting go of the Conditioned Self

I want to introduce the idea that Sexuality is much broader and more vast than just the participation in sex, finding the right partner or soul mate, or having great sex.

In the presence of Ceremony with Cacao and Community I hope to highlight the interconnectedness of Spirituality, Sexuality, and Healing as we commune through the support of the natural world and the ancient ceremonial Cacao heart-opening medicine.

Stage 1 invites you to recognize and acknowledge your own desires and passions.

The workshop uses a variety of energetic and mindful practices to help you become aware of the energetic and emotional aspects of sexuality as you embark on this journey within yourself.

It is my intention to have open dialogues about sexuality, fostering a safe space for individuals to explore and heal any inhibitions or misunderstandings as they relate to past experiences and collective teachings, and limiting beliefs we may have.

Structure of the Day:
Plan for: 
Time outside for Ceremony and meditation and Inside time as well. Bring a Yoga Mat, Blanket and eye covering, Snacks and Water. Wear comfortable clothing to move and relax in gentle poses.

Date: Sunday Oct 1st 2023

Time: 10-2:30pm

Place: Buttonwood Healing Center,                                                                                            517 East Lancaster Ave. Suite 101,                                                                           Downingtown, PA 19335

Phone: Debra 610-306-4730 or                                                                                                              Lisa Smith 484-794-6444

Limit to 10 People
Exchange: 108.00
                   1 50%scholarship available


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