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A Dive into the Mysteries
within You is a necessary action on a spiritual path.

This is an opportunity to Co-Create with Self

What if I were to ask you...Would you sit for 30 minutes in stillness and quiet to access another source of information that may just hold a Solution or an Inspiration you NEED to move forward in your life?


To co-create a life that comes from your Hearts Innate place within you..authentic and honest and very very personal!  I would even go so far as to say ORIGINAL! Some would call this your Soul!

We all are looking for things to be easier and quite frankly more rewarding....We certainly have enough evidence that the way in which we are going about our lives of problem solving and building new solutions is exhausting and unfulfilling at best. And that is not even touching on a daring original and true to self creation that brings us joy each day.  Our true desires seem to be falling short of our every effort we attempt to change the course of the things that ARE NOT WORKING FOR US!

What is not working for you?


-Healthy Communication

-Healthy Body

-Emotional Understanding and Stability



-Work Life Balance and Satisfaction

-Trauma Recovery

Like me I am wondering if you have reached the end of all your Self Help Books,

Destination Promises, and quite frankly banging your head against the wall.

This last one, head banging, is actually where I want to pick up and go from...

Don't get me wrong I have a book shelf FULL of books, I have been on a huge amount of retreats to change and improve. I have courses, certifications and experience. I have warmed the seat of MANY a couches in the rooms of psychology...but here is the theme...the HEAD...The MIND...seeking the MIND SOLUTIONS.."I will figure this out...I am good...I can do this...I can FIGURE this out..."

Fast forward 40 years...and I have NOT figured IT out till NOW...I have surely figured some things out...Yes indeed..

I have found my way through many a difficult situations...but I am FAR short of the mark of being in the flow with the energies that creates universes. Our Source. My essence in full expression as it is designed to be!

GOOD NEWS:  NOW...I have discovered something that was right here all along..

Perhaps the removal of the energies that block myself from myself has been key!

So all the ground covered not lost on me...





The key's now to my kingdom are within..My instincts and Inspirations are right here within me..

In the flow of the a slow moving river...carrying possibilities I could NOT receive from a MIND that KNOWS only what it has been PROGRAMMED to know. 

These keys hold



RELATABLE and POWERFUL as they intimately pertain to me. 

Me in my originality..

Me in my Hearts desires..Me in my Unrealized self..ME...The solutions are ME!

How did I access this material?

This is what I want to show you...NOT TELL YOU..NOT engage your mind..although we will use the mind after the experience to integrate and synthesize what you share what you write about what you find...but the sacred archeological dig is done with awareness, patience...a fine brush and the knowing and intention that what you are about to uncover is a treasure...organically waiting for the right moment for it to surface...

I will be offering Teachings and Experience on how your Instincts, Root Chakra, can be recovered from the barrage of trauma, mind games, conditioning, and fear!

I will be offering Teachings and Experience to support your Awareness in its reawakening and separation out from the dominant oppression of thoughts.

Experience that points to the place of solutions...

Experience that requires no thoughts...only Awareness and Presence in the VOID spaces within you.

Void meaning places that are not part of your knowing that they even exist

Void meaning the unrealized self that naturally comes into being as one evolves slowly and organically

Void meaning the things that are holding in waiting...some placed there by you.. for NOW

Void meaning the potential raw in its origin and uniqueness to your next expression and expansion into self

The Void is worth sitting in...Just that...Sitting in and that alone...believe it or not...That alone...

is the SHIFT...

The Structure to Bring this to you:

We will meet for 4  session and group sharing.

Class will be 75 mins once a week

30 mins on the Guided Meditation and Teachings

45 mins in Writing and Sharing the Experience with others.

Consider this...

Close your eyes...If it is my truth ...then it is your the question is timing..

Is it your explore this next phase of your inner treasure..?

To inquire into the deep Mysteries that were placed within you from the onset of your incarnation

to hold the sacred within you...

To help you in the discovery of:

Your Own Divinity,

True Source,

The Truth of the Unseen, The Power of Love

The secretes of the Masters...

The Mysteries that take you in...and hold your own inquiry...

I hope we can Inquire together...lift out your treasures for you and All around you to see and share

in the original unique expression of Love that you are designed to be!

Your Guide


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