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School Of Love
Continued Community Support

Staying Connected
Discovering more Gems
from your SOL Journey!

School Of Love Meditation Dive is designed to offer you continued support to

be able to make a continued shift to walking on your own from a deep and confident place within.

What did you discover is not working for you?


-Healthy Communication

-Healthy Body

-Emotional Understanding and Stability



-Work Life Balance and Satisfaction

- Boundaries

-Embracing Love as an agent of change

Together we will use Yoga Nidra as we did in SOL to access a deep Meditative Dive.

The Focus will be unique to you..I will encourage you to use each class for an inquiry into

your own intention and very specific to what you are looking to transform!

Then you will journal a bit and share with your community of support.

This Journey will be:

RELATABLE and POWERFUL as it is  intimately designed to pertain to you. 

Your Unrealized self..

The solutions are Love and YOU!

Glowing and Radiating your TRUE SELF WORTH!

The Structure to Bring this to you:

Note: School of Love is finished May 18th after the last Support Circle

We will meet for 5 sessions, On Wednesday Morning 11:00 edt 

May 24, 31st, June 7, ( 2 week Break while I am on a Pilgrimage with Mother in England)

June 28th, July 5th.

Class will be 60 mins once a week

30 mins on the Guided Meditation and Teachings

10 mins in Writing

20 mins Being Witnessed to the Highlights of Your Personal Discoveries.

Cost: 78.00 dollars

Due BY Monday MAY 15th Before Mothers Last class.

Need 4 students to hold this offering.

(Classes will be recorded if need to miss)

Venmo: @Debra-Hess-5

if you need another payment option please email Debra

I hope you will consider this....

To help you in the deeper discovery of your own Divine Power of Love

Your Guide


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