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Trauma Informed Sexual

From Trauma to Love

The Courageous Journey Back to Self

with the Power of Yoga Nidra 

Put to rest your dominant tendencies to deny and see clearly the hurt you are causing yourself.


Yoga Nidra – A Tool of Self Discovery  

Through Direct Experience, Yoga Nidra is the means in which you listen and 'Relate' through a New Lens of experience- One which your Heart and Soul have been longing for..


  • See Clearly what is Unmanageable

  • Soften where you have been in denial

  • Shift How you 'Relate' to your Problem

  • Increase Your Tolerance and Understanding for your Light Body

  • Increasing Your Acceptance of what is Unmanageable

  • Allowing a Surrender and Movement into Change


Step 1 The Admission and Acknowledgement 

We acknowledge that our current methods of managing have not been successful, 

and we alone are powerless to find a new approach to saving ourselves.



  • Can you identify what is unmanageable and out of balance in your life right now?

  • Is there room to improve your relationship with yourself, others, the Divine and Mother Earth?


  • Is your home a pleasant place to be, or have you been living in an atmosphere of depression, anger and isolation?


  • Are you truly in touch with your feelings, or have you buried your anger and fear in false cheerfulness or denial?

Only an Honest admission to yourself of the reality of your condition can save you from self destruction. 

Yoga Nidra Tools of Transformation


  • Connect to the Inner Presence of Source as Love 


  • Reconnect with your Physical Body


  • Experience the Origin and Neutral Language of your Emotions


  • Explore New Levels of Acceptance for symptoms of Unmanageable


  • Surrender Bringing Forth Your God-Given Strength 

Powerless, but certainly not helpless, You take the first step restoring Peace and Balance


You are now free to learn, make changes and grow. 

More of you is revealed

Your Source

Your Strength

Your Spirit

Your Deep Intelligence

Your Courage

Your Voice

Your Needs

Your Boundaries

Your Glory..

STEP 2 Surrender and Movement into Change

Came to Believe that a Power Greater than ourselves will Restore us to sanity


HOPE Initiates…


  • Be Willing to be Willing to find Faith in God.


  • Look deeply into old or limiting beliefs that may prove childish, limiting, or someone else's.


  • The pathway out will be illuminated.


  • The crack in the armor of self lets in the light of Source and you begin to experience that power within yourself. 


Love will undoubtedly meet you and stay with you until you come to believe that this power, greater than yourself, is what has been missing in your life.

Yoga Nidra Tools of Transformation


  • Explore what Love is


  • Replace Judgment and Criticism with Inquiry and Curiosity


  • Experience the Ground of your being as unchanging and the backdrop of all that you are witnessing.


  • Limiting Beliefs Explored deeply and Honestly


  • Deeper progressive Body Relaxation and Realization

Honest appraisal of your experience reveals that self-will alone is not enough to handle life.

Grasp this in your hearts and you are ready to move ahead in a way of recovery.



More of you is Light

Burdens are lifted

Anxiety is lowered

Gratitude increases

Hope returns

Experience the Power within Yourself

Your Divine relationship begins 

Step 3 Turning Over of Your Will

The Decision to Turn Our Will and Our Lives Over to the Care of God as We Understand Him.


Faith Establishes…


  • A True communion with your Spirit, and Essence


  • The deeper understanding and experience of Self Worth


  • The power to release your fears and patterns of control to seek new solutions  


  • The true gift and design of co-creation


I surrender everything I think I know about everything


Yoga Nidra Tools of Transformation


  • Connecting with the Power and Peace within Darkness of Mother Earth


  • Being with Higher Self in the Circle of Love…Loving and Being Loved


  • Explore the feelings of Fear, Anger and Control and their opposites


  • Practice the state of ‘Being’ and Receiving Solutions

How are you going to change, by Design or by Disaster?



Knowing the difference between the things you can and cannot change.

Remembering that you can ask for help. You are not alone.

There is a death to your fears and control

Triggers become a  milder pass through

Finding the Path where there is no path.


Step 4 Looking at the “Man in the Mirror”

Making a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves


Courage Supports…


  • The Discovery of the goodness and equality within yourself


  • Regressing to an age or stage that remembers your trauma


  • Revealing how much you try to control others, and things outside ourselves


  • Your willingness to admit aspects of Self Centeredness, Anger/Resentment, Fear, Pride, Dishonesty, Negative thinking, Shame, and Guilt.


 Self deception and denial contribute to the thinking, and behaviors, that cause your suffering


Yoga Nidra Tools of Transformation


  • Encountering deeper states of our Wisdom Body: IIntuition and Knowing


  • Returning to our physical bodies as our home, safe, stable and wise


  • Forgiveness of Self and Others


  •  Practice the state of  ‘Being’ and Receiving Solutions


Lasting change requires Deep Honesty



Humility and Integrity

Discovery of your real Identity

You Matter 

Attracted by Strengths 

More Tolerant of Weakness

Enjoy feeling Safe, Stable, and Connected

Step 5 Reconciliation Heals and Reveals the Pathway Out

Admitted to God, to ourselves, and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs.


Integrity catalyzes…


  • New Solutions are born out of the shadow now illuminating the way out.


  • Bring Consciousness to a problem


  • Increasing Acceptance


  • It is necessary to Be Who I am..Just as I am


Reconciliation provides momentum to create change. 


Yoga Nidra Tools of Transformation


  • I love you, I forgive you, I love you please forgive me


  • Vulnerability as a felt sensation


  • Explore Boundaries, Stop staying in denial: Don’t talk, Don’t Feel and ??????


  •  Being the witness


I am The Source of Light that flows through all things


Shifting How you 'relate' to your Shadow

Increase Your Tolerance for your Light

Allowing a Surrender and Movement into change. 

Healthy Boundaries

Slow release of Dysfunctional behaviors

Expect the Best and Get it

Step 6  I Am Willing and I Accept my defects of Character

Were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character.


Willingness reveals….


  • I am dedicated to my growth and change


  • I am grateful for Grace and the power that takes my burdens


  • I expect pass throughs as my way of solidifying, learning and releasing the past


  • I exhibit extraordinary power to deal with life's challenges.


I can cope with both good and bad, learning and growing as my higher power intended me to do all along.


Yoga Nidra Tools of Transformation


  • I baptize myself in Loving Truth- water ceremony with Earth


  •  You will see that “you are not the problem,” rather…"There is a problem.” 


  • Relate to my defects as a sacred honored guest


  • Follow Yeshua’s lead with blame, guilt, compassion and mercy


We are “designed” to seek God. To live in the Peace that is within us.



Relationship with the Divine



Coping skills

Free from the past

Tools of Integration and Reconciliation


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