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Standing in The Unapologetic You

Are you a Light Seeker desperate for solutions to recurring pain cycles?
Would you like to Experience the Power of Your Original Essence?
Are any of these true for you?


Do you struggle with feeling safe?

Do you feel resistance to the changes you really want to make?

Are you “over-informed” and “overwhelmed” desiring to know what is relevant to this Now moment in your life?


Are you suffering from distracted- addicted behaviors resulting in feeling out of touch with yourself?

Find yourself thinking any of these thoughts?


“I can’t feel or identify my feelings.”


“I am constantly measuring myself by what others think.”


“ I am spinning out of control and have lost my grounding.”


“ I am a time bomb ticking with rage and anger.”


“I want to know my soul.”

What if things really could be different?


What if you are designed with the Power to Transform all this from within you?


What if your Original Essence is a brilliant conscious wisdom body that has been hidden from your current experience of yourself?

Imagine feeling and saying any of these…


“ I can trust myself and my feelings, I don’t have to come from fear.”


“I am super proud of myself in this moment, I am enough.”


“ I can trust that my body will work with my mind for better resolutions and responses.”


“It’s all there and it’s all possible.”

How do I know this is possible?


Because I have been there. I have struggled a lifetime with searching outside myself, therapies, creating my own business, marriages, all leaving me sad, disconnected, and unable to thrive. I have survived…but I wanted to thrive. And thrive you can too!  I am here to Show the Way- Debra



I have had a number of sessions with Debra and I cannot recommend it enough! I tend to be very high strung and stir crazy, but within minutes of working with Debra I always find myself immediately connected and at peace in my body. 

I have had hyper vivid clairvoyant experiences while in session and Debra holds such a great space for you to walk through your mind, body and soul in such a powerful yet peaceful way.


I am beyond grateful for the work she does and highly recommend taking the dive!


—  Nik



I want to invite you on a journey of transformation.

A journey where you apply love as a power... 


To get started now just reach out to me for your

FREE Discovery Session


In a 1:1 meditation setting you will experience first hand everything this journey is about for you!  


I hope you will allow me to show the way to a Greater Peace, and a more solid foundation within you of Stability, Security and Groundedness. 


Email with your Inquiry to



I look forward to showing the way…that has worked for me!

Love, Debra


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