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 Unveiling Your Sacred
Sexual Alchemy

Sexual Energy Becoming One Expression of Life

Welcome Beloved

Debra Hess 

Sacred Midwife

Birthing You through The Narrow Gate of Love

Debra Hess BA Music Therapy,

200hr ERYT Yoga Teacher Forrest Yoga Trained,

Laughter Yoga Certified,

iRest Yoga Nidra Level 2 Teacher

Level 1 and 2 Tantra Love and Ecstasy Training with SkyDancing Tantra

It is my honor to walk with you on this path of

Sexual Freedom and Self Discovery!


🌱 Sacred Sexual Alchemy 🌱

Are you ready to embark on a profound journey of Self Discovery and Self Growth? Welcome to "Unveiling Your Sacred Sexual Alchemy," a transformative experience curated by Debra, a seasoned spiritual educator specializing in sexual healing.

🌿 About the Program 🌿

At the crossroads of psychology, spirituality, this program offers you a unique opportunity to delve into the depths of your psyche while harnessing the healing power of your inner Alchemy. Guided by Debra's expertise and inspired by Carl Jung's concept of individuation, you'll explore the alchemical process of inner transformation as it relates to your sexuality.  

🌼 What to Expect 🌼

-Engage in this thought-provoking workshop that draw parallels between

alchemical stages and your own journey of self-discovery.

-Learn how to dissolve past wounds, separate from limiting beliefs,

and integrate your authentic self. 

-Experience your sexuality as much more powerful and relevant  

then just finding a partner and having great sex.

🌱 Yoga Nidra: A Personal Inquiry through Yoga Nidra gives you access and experience of your own Inner Sexual Alchemy! In Guided Yoga Nidra the dominant, conditioned mind is neutralized and you are able to discern with Loving Truth your Sexuality and how it relates to your Spiritual Evolution. 

A Conscious Exploration of Your Sexuality is Necessary on a Spiritual Path!

🌱 Personalized Guidance: Benefit from personalized guidance tailored to your unique path. Debra's compassionate approach and extensive experience in sexual healing ensure you'll receive the support you need throughout your transformational journey.

🌼 Why Choose "Unveiling Your Sacred Sexual Alchemy?"🌼

🌿 Holistic Healing: This program bridges the gap between our Acquired Sexual Self and our Sacred Essence allowing you to heal on multiple levels—mind, body, and spirit.

🌿 Expert Insight: With over 25 years of experience, Debra has empowered countless individuals to work safely and timely with the natural evolution of your own Sexual Self .  Debra shares her understanding that the sexual energy is the vitality and source of the whole being..leading the way to the realization that " One is deeply and Completely Love!"

🌼 Join Us Today 🌼

If you're ready to unlock the secrets of your Sacred Sexual Alchemy, join us on this transformative journey. Embrace the Power of Love, and Willingness, as you become the author of your own profound transformation. You are the inner Alchemist.

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